21 May 2019

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Lyrics - Squealer

(Young, Young & Scott)

Taken from the album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Recorded at Albert Studios, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Released in 1976

Produced by Harry Vanda & George Young

She said she'd never been, huum
Never been touched before
She said she'd never been
This far before
She said she'd never liked
Huum to be excited
She said she'd always had
Had to fight it
(and she never won)
She said she'd never been
Never been balled before
And I don't think, hehe
She'll ever ball no more
(Fixed her good)

Eh, squealer, when I held her hand
Squealer, I made her understand
Squealer, when I kissed her lips
Squealer, and sucked her finger tips eeh
Squealer, ooh started gettin' hot
Squealer, ooh made it hard to stop
Squealer, it got too much
Squealer, I think I've got a magic touch ooh


She was a squealer

© 1976 J. Albert & Son (Pty) Ltd
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