18 February 2019

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Lyrics - Snake Eye

(Young, Young & Johnson)

Taken from the single Heatseeker

Recorded at Studio Miraval, Le Val, France

Released in 1988

Produced by Harry Vanda & George Young

Yeah, yeah yeah
You paint a picture, so it's plain to see
Ain't no hidin', no security
I'll be watchin', every move you make
When you hear my rattle better be awake

Snake eyes, oh watchin'
Snake eyes, look out
Snake eyes, oh it's comin'
Snake eyes, ain't no escapin' from the snake eye
(Oh no way)

Ooh yeah
You leave a footprint, for my eye to see
Catch an echo, from a lock and key
From the shadow, or behind a rock
Get you antivenom from the doctor shop

Snake eyes, oh I'm watchin'
Snake eyes, look out
Snake eye, ooh it's comin'
Snake eye, ain't no escapin' from the snake eye

Snake eyes, snake eyes
Ooh got, snake eyes, snake eyes

Hear a rustle, from behind a tree
Get you runnin', home to sanctuary
Bolt the door and, you think you're safe
Hahaha wrong again child

Snake eyes, eeh, watchin'
Snake eyes, oh look out
Snake eyes, (you know) it's comin'
Snake eyes
Ooh you got a, snake eye
Ain't no escapin' from the snake eye
Ooh remember, snake eye
Always watchin', snake eye

Ain't no escaping from the -
Just keep a look-out for the -
Snake eye

© 1988 J. Albert & Son (Pty) Ltd
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