21 March 2019

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Lyrics - Meanstreak

(Young, Young & Johnson)

Taken from the album Blow Up Your Video

Recorded at Studio Miraval, Le Val, France

Released in 1988

Produced by Harry Vanda & George Young

Ooh yeah
I been to the left, I been to the right
I found myself in Abu Dhabi just a mirage in the night
Been to the high, I been to the low hehe
And I been to lotsa places that I didn't wanna go
But I ain't seen nothing to get me off my ass
And I laughed at all the jokers wanna make me walk on glass
I could walk, yeah, 'fore I could crawl
And I was meaner than a bad dog with his back against the wall

Animal, animal
Cannibal, cannibal
See 'em fall, see 'em fall, yeah
I'm the guy that they call -

I got a meanstreak yeah, meanstreak yeah
They call me meanstreak
You know what I mean ?

I just don't know, who I wanna be haha
The count of Monte-Cristo or the Sheik of Araby
I've eaten rich yeah, and I've eaten free
And I'm the perfect culture vulture in the face of poverty
And I ain't met no one who told me I got class
Say never feed the animal the boy's got too much flash
I'm a guy, they just can't teach
And I always kick the castle that's been built up on the beach haha

Animal, animal
Cannibal, cannibal
See 'em fall, see 'em fall
'Cause I'm the guy that they call -

What's your name ?
I got a meanstreak eh, ooh I got a meanstreak
Runnin' down my back I got a meanstreak
Wanna feel the meanstreak
They call me meanstreak
All the children say, meanstreak
What's my name ?


© 1988 J. Albert & Son (Pty) Ltd
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