18 February 2019

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Lyrics - Decibel

(Young & Young)

Taken from the album Black Ice

Recorded at The Warehouse Studio, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Released in 2008

Produced by Brendan O'Brien

Take up all your time
Kick up your heels lookin' fine
And you come ridin' blind
You come rollin' back a while
A wind a blowin' on you
We're gonna move on and on yeah
Sweatin' heat soak you all
Bein' out I'll make you crawl all night

Ooh decibel

Has you from deep inside
You were wavin' then you smiled
Give me rock 'n' roll
They're in love
Love in the rain
They're in there rockin' standin' proud

Decibel, that's the history of rock 'n' roll

Rain a comin' on
We're gonna ride along
A hundred miles in all
Gettin' in night till dawn
Spread the joy goin' on
Yeah hard and long
Ooh staring down
With a shock hit the ground

Ooh oh decibel
Oooh decibel, you come rollin' back a while
Ooh yeah decibel

© 2008 Leidseplein Presse B.V.
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